Pioneer in organic cosmetics, a cosmetic of excellence

Below are some of the reasons why Coslys laboratory is considered as a pioneer manufacturer of highly effective organic body care and cosmetics :

  • We were among the 10 manufacturers at the origin of the creation of Cosmebio Association that elaborated the standards for Organic Cosmetic in France in the early years of 2000.
  • Coslys products are formulated and elaborated in our own manufacturing company site in Somloire
  • Our laboratory benefits from 20 years of experience in the research and manufacturing of organic cosmetics
  • Our manufacturing plant is compliant with the Good Manufacturing Practices : It is certified ISO 22716 and provides full Quality procedure and processes
  • Coslys chemists select all the ingredients very carefully, favouring local suppliers as much as possible
  • The location in the Loire Valley – the heart of medicinal plants in France – is a major asset for plant sourcing and a guarantee of traceability.
  • Innovation : Our R & D department is continuously looking for innovative ingredients, formulations and proceeds – Some examples of this commitment are : a patented extraction method in the facial care line, vegetable keratine in the hair care line…
  • We provide products that are designed for the whole family : women, men, children, babies… respecting the specific type of skin/hair and available in various formats (250ml, 500ml, 1L , 5L, refills and bulk offer solutions…) to meet every consumer’s need.