Shampoos, hair conditioners, masks, hair styling gel…

For normal, dry, greasy, coloured or dandruff-prone hair types – each range contains plant-based active ingredients targeted to each specific need to reveal the hair’s natural beauty.
Each contains organic meadow sweet floral water, a local plant with anti-inflammatory properties and a cleansing base of plants only.

Shampoo for the whole family with organic aloe vera


Discover Shampoo for the wole family with organic aloe vera Coslys. All hair types and recommended for daily use. Does not sting the eyes

high tolerance

High tolerance

For sensitive skins, discover high tolerance and sulfate-free Hair Care products!

Weakened & unruly hair

Weakened & unruly hair

Say goodbye to unruly and split hair and recover smooth and shiny hair from the first use of the weakened and unruly hair program.

normal hair

Normal hair

Coslys offers a range of products for normal hair which let your hair brightener and softer.

Hair conditioning

Special long hair

Discover our product for long hair!

hair styling products

Hair styling products

Coslys offers a range of hair styling products.

oily hair

Oily hair

Discover the range of products Coslys for oily hair.

dandruff hair

Dandruff hair

The Dandruff shampoo with organic ivy cleanses the hair and reduces dandruff. Acts from the very first use.

Dry and damaged hair

Dry and damaged hair

Coslys offers a range of products for dry and damaged hair.

colored hair

Coloured hair

The range of products for coloured and highlighted hair helps the hair recover softness, suppleness and radiance.


Grey, white and blond hair

The anti-yellowing shampoo with organic centaurea extract Coslys cleanses grey hair and white hair and avoids the yellowing of hair.

volumizing hair shampoo

Volumizing hair

Discover the range of products Coslys for volumizing hair.