Creams, masks, micellar water…

Our facial care programs aim to meet the various customer’s expectations according to their type of skin and offer them a naturally efficient organic beauty care.
The combination of 5 active ingredients in the “Mat équilibre” program will take care of the oily skins. The dry and sensitive skins will benefit from the rose benefits in the “Pur Velours” range, whereas the normal to combination skins will recover their bright complexion thanks to the care provided by “Ressource Eclat”range. Don’t’ wait any longer to discover them.

dry to sensitive skin

Dry to sensitive skin

“Pur velours” program
We propose a complete care program in 3 steps for the most fragile skins offering all the benefits of the rose floral water to the dry and sensitive skins.

normal to combination skins

Normal to combination skin

“Ressource éclat” program
Coslys provides a 3 steps program to normal and combination skins. For this, we have selected organic lily for its emollient, soothing and healing properties.

oily skin

Oily skin

“Mat équilibre” program
3 essential and complementary products are provided to the oily skin types with a combination of 5 vegetable-based active ingredients to rebalance and soothe the epidermis.